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School Meals

We want all of the pupils who attend Rosetta to enjoy their lunchtime experience; which includes each of them having a meal that they really enjoy.
The way that we manage our school meals is different to most schools. At Rosetta the pupils get a 'real choice' because they get to choose what they would like to eat at lunchtime at the start of the school day and then that meal is prepared for them for lunchtime.
The published menu; which operates on a three week cycle; includes a meat dish, a fish dish or a vegetarian dish; or alternatively a sandwich or for pupils in years 5 and 6 a baguette. Meat dishes are prepared using both halal or non-halal meat.
Parents and carers have the opportunity of supporting their children in making their meal choice by discussing the published menu and is available to download below. 

Application for Free School Meals

Please see below the lunchtime menu